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2022-05-13 21:28:39 By : Ms. Danica Ling

You may feel like you are slightly lost with the types of countertops on the market today.If you are going to change the bathroom or the kitchen, you may already be doing a master's degree in materials.Here we give you 10 types of countertops that you should consider.Choosing the right countertop is important because it involves an investment and each material has certain benefits and allows you a series of "details" on an aesthetic level.The Deleite Design interior design studio has used a porcelain material countertop in this bathroom with a thick, continuous countertop.It is the same material of the kitchen that opens this article, also design of them.It is an expensive but durable type of countertop.If we talk about brands, Neolith, Dekton and Techlam are porcelain countertops.Although the final material that is achieved is the same, the manufacturing process of each one can vary and this causes differences in finish.Very resistant to stains, scratches, impacts and heat.In addition, 100% inorganic materials are used in its manufacture, they do not contain resins or additives, so the appearance does not change over time.Read: How much does it cost to install the kitchen countertop?In this bathroom, the Estudio Matmata decoration studio has also opted for a porcelain countertop, specifically Neolith, for this wall-hung washbasin design with a wooden base underneath.What the porcelain material allows is the creation of unique block pieces that integrate the washbasin in the same material (always with a good structure or base so that it does not split).Porcelain countertops are manufactured in very thin thicknesses and very large and light formats, which allow, for example, to avoid joints between plates as much as possible.Read: Special countertops: the most innovative materialsAnother of the materials that you should take into account when choosing a kitchen and bathroom countertop.Here you can see in the kitchen island, created by Cocinas Río, the Lapitec sintered stone countertop.It is a space designed by the interior designer Virginia Gasch from LV Living in the Culmia space at Casa Decor 2022. Lapitec is a 100% natural material composed of three minerals by pressure.Among other advantages, as explained by Cocinas Río, "such as resistance to heat or the ability to be polished and given shapes of all kinds, it is a totally ecological, sustainable and recyclable material. In turn, it allows the incorporation of new technologies such as Invisible induction, where we can cook directly on the hob without the need for ceramic glass. With the controls carved directly into the hob we achieve a perfect result for integration into any set."Read: New cooktops: with built-in extractor and invisible (integrated in the worktop)A CírculoCuadrado Design project with a wooden countertop that forms part of a square structure that frames the sink area in this bathroom.It's best to choose a hard, moisture-resistant type of wood, such as mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, or beech.In addition, treatments can be applied to increase its resistance (varnishes or oils also help protect against stains and splashes).The advantage, if it is a block of wood, is that it can be sanded to remove small marks.Read: Keys to incorporate wood in the bathroomNatural stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms provide exclusivity and elegance.No two natural stone countertops are the same due to the characteristics of the material.In general, they are resistant countertops when it comes to cutting food on them, for example.You must take into account the porosity of the material (depending on whether it is granite, marble, quartz...);although it is possible to treat them to make them more waterproof.Natural stone offers you many varieties of finishes.In the image, Kool model, by Rekker Kitchens in natural stone.Read: Kitchen countertops that reproduce the appearance and beauty of natural stoneYou may also be familiar with Naturamia, a brand under which you will find granite, quartzite and marble countertops.Resistant stones, of great natural beauty and capable of adapting to the designs you imagine for kitchen and bathroom countertops (and more surfaces).Here you can see a bathroom cabinet with countertop by Naturamia by Levantina -Pearl tone- in a project by Estudio María Santos.They are the most economical although they are also the ones that can deteriorate the most with use.It is a board with a coating that gives it the desired finish.They are not resistant to bumps or scratches.But, with the technology applied to the manufacture of kitchen countertops, the techniques have greatly improved finishes and materials and there are high-quality laminate or stratified countertops, which offer competitive prices, design and improved features that make them more resistant.One of the windows of the stratified materials is that they are made in thin thicknesses, which makes their appearance more up-to-date and allows this finish to be installed in the area of ​​the kitchen sill or backsplash.In the image, a kitchen with furniture from the Mobalpa firm.Read: What should you invest in without skimping when it comes to reforming the kitchen?It is no longer the material of professional kitchens, since in these there are other materials that are imposing themselves thanks to their resistance and hygiene.But stainless steel is a material for countertops (more used in kitchens than in bathrooms).Stainless steel countertops are durable and resistant to water, stains and heat.They are non-porous and therefore there are no solids or liquids to seep out and create bacteria or mould.The main disadvantage is that they scratch easily.In the image, a proposal from Rekker Kitchens with a stainless steel worktop on the island, accompanied by a wooden bar.Read: Why it is a good idea to choose a stainless steel countertop for your kitchenThey are known in both ways, and are countertops made of synthetic resins (mixture of minerals and acrylic polymer).As a material it offers a large number of design possibilities, both for interiors and exteriors.The brands that make this type of kitchen and bathroom countertops are Silestone, Corian or Compac, among others.Resists scratches and impacts.They are very easy to maintain and hygienic.In the image a kitchen designed by Duem Studio.Read: Choose the best material for your kitchen countertopYes, you can create kitchen and bathroom countertops with ceramics.This allows you to add patterns and play with them on the walls or floors of the space.There are extra resistant porcelain tiles although, depending on the size, you must bear in mind that there will be joints.Although the embroidery applied is resistant, in color and even waterproof;it is a space in which dirt inevitably accumulates.The advantage is that design that can be customized to the fullest.Here, a kitchen island as a high table covered with ceramics from the firm Vives, specifically the Laverton-R Grafito and Corwen Gris models appear in the environment.Read: Ideas to choose kitchen tiles, and get it rightRegardless of the material you choose for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, each type offers a series of finishes in satin, gloss or matt colors and shades.The material also influences the texture of the countertop.Although some types of materials offer more variety of finishes than others, in general, you have a lot to choose from.For example, the veining of marble, so trendy, can be achieved with a natural marble stone, but also -as in this project from Tinda's Project- with a Neolith Calacatta.Silestone also offers you a veined finish.You should also bear in mind that to extend the worktop in the area of ​​the kitchen sill, the chosen material has to be presented in thin sheets to fix in that area.For example, conventional laminates do not allow it, but high-quality stratified or laminates do.Read: Ideas and materials to decorate the kitchen backsplashMore news about decoration trendsThe floor lamps that are worn add to the 'curvy' fashionWood slats, the trendy coating you see everywhereFull-color double bedrooms that dress for summerNeoclassical: the most modern and current 'classical' decorative style